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Corsair Marine has been building the world's best trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985 and now has over 1,600 sailing waters throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.

For more information contact Ryan Vick via email or call 01243 377333


So, why are Corsair Marine's trimarans so popular? Well, you can:

  • Fold the floats (amas) in minutes.
  • Lower the mast by yourself (no need to wait for the marina's heavy lifting equipment).
  • Store your Corsair in a mono's berth or on a trailer on the hard (reducing/eliminating storage and maintenance costs)
  • Drive the boat (at 100km/hr) to where you really want to enjoy your sailing (at up to 20+ knots!).
  • Enjoy an amazing day, weekend, week or month cruising with the family.
  • Sail in those longer, more testing, regattas. Compete strongly and complete easily. Pack up the Corsair on the trailer. Drive home. And do enjoy a well earned beer while the slower boats are still finishing.




CORSAIR C37RS CARBON $265,990.00 (£160,226)



CRUZE 970 $167,299.00 (£100,777)


The most technologically advanced Corsair Marine trimaran yet!

Featuring a full carbon fibre build, the C37RS's construction and high strength realises the boats performance potential.

The Interior brings more of the amenities you've come to expect from our larger boats: a functional yet spacious galley, ample cabinet and storage space, comfortable curved settee with space for six, enclosed head with moulded in vanity with sink and shower attachment.    



The Cruze 970 has its roots in the need to modernize the highly successful C3.

This model offers standing headroom in the saloon and creature comforts throughout. 

Our trimaran expert Ryan Vick comments "This new trimaran retains all the best elements and performance of the C31, but the numerous enhancements and interior finish catapult this model into a new and exciting era for Corsair Marine".






28 RANGE - 28 ft Centre Cockpit Cruisers are the most popular mid sized trailerable trimarans for both cruising sailors and performance enthusiasts alike.


C28 CR $111,210.00 (£66,990)

C28 EC $103,210.00 (£62,171)

C28 RS $ 101,210.00 (£60,967)


This model provides a fantastic range of recreational and adventure possibilities unequalled by other sailboat brands.

The C28 CR represents a unique and unbeatable combination of comfort, performance and ease of handling. Featuring a dedicated heads compartment for comfort.    



The C28 EC offers the same great features as the 28CR but without the enclosed head.



Aft Cockpit Sports Cruiser, the C28 RS has a much bigger cockpit than her EC and CR sisters.

By eliminating the aft cabin, the 28RS is lighter and therefore faster which is so much fun in the warmer climates where less cabin space is required. The main cabin has been carefully planned to still allow family cruising.





CORSAIR DASH 750 MKII $ 73,599.00(£44,335)

CORSAIR SPRINT 750 MK II $ 64,299.00(£39,73)


Compact, easily trailerable, and ideal for camp-style cruising and day sailing. It is tough, lightweight, sporty, exceptionally fast, responsive and safe.

Developed from the well-proven C24 Mk II, this new model incorporates the same innovative folding system and accommodation features of the previous model, with a modern rotating wing section mast, retractable alloy bowsprit and modern alloy dagger board, dagger rudder, plumb bow and larger volume floats.

Corsair Dash 750 MkII Test Sail in the Solent for Yachts and Yachting Magazine



Fly across across the water in this trimaran!

The Mk II has a totally redesigned deck, it's styling is sleek, fresh and modern. In addition to using the bigger floats of the DASH 750, the Mk II also uses the DASHs, stronger beams and its hull and rig.

Sprint at the Corsiar Championships USA 2013



  Corsairs are sold in US Dollers and therefore the Sterling price is subject to currency flututations. All prices are exclusvie of VAT.        

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